We do Adoptions

Whether you are seeking to adopt or are a birth parent who has chosen adoption, it can be an emotional journey. It is important you know your rights. Our attorneys offer a full service adoption practice to help you make an informed decision about adoption. We handle contested and non contested cases.

Picture of Happy Baby

Our Services Include:

  • Free consultation
  • Your own attorney to explain the legal process
  • Confidentiality
  • Compassionate counseling
  • Personal Service
  • Matching birth parents to adoptive parents
  • Free consultation
  • Weighing options for different types of adoption.

We are experienced private adoption attorneys committed to upholding the integrity of the adoption process. We strive to ensure our birth parents and our adoptive parents are treated with respect, have full knowledge of their rights under the law and their privacy is upheld. We seek to have your adoption experience marked by confidence and education.